It’s time for residents to decide on the direction of Forest Hill. More of the same? Or a professionalized homeowners’ association?


Come to a Town Hall Meeting, Wednesday, April 19, 7-9 p.m., at Forest Hill Church Presbyterian, 3031 Monticello Blvd. Legal and community experts will explain how a professionalized HOA can turnaround our community and the steps needed to initiate a new and legitimate election.


The current FHHO leadership has been in power for almost a decade. Membership is down and half of our residents don’t even know they have a homeowners’ association (HOA).  Residents can’t remember the last time they were given a ballot.  Instead, the community has been fed a narrative of ‘all is well’ in our neat and tidy little neighborhood with happy talk newsletters preaching the ethos of being a ‘good neighbor.’   In short, our HOA is being run like a garden club, staffed by well-meaning volunteers unconnected to any strategic plan for revitalization.


We are at a crossroads.  Our once proud neighborhood has declined.  Now it is just another area ‘north of Mayfield.’   Retail is collapsing.  Roads in East Cleveland Forest Hill are potholed, littered with leaves, and dotted with sagging street signs.  Commercial vehicles park in driveways, along with broken down cars.   We have no signage defining our neighborhood.  Vacant houses continue to sit with no coordinated effort to turn them around.  And everyone understands all too well how property values have declined.


But it all comes down to a vote.  Let the residents of Forest Hill decide on the direction of this community by giving them a ballot to vote for the leadership that best represents their view.  Our goal is to have an election and new FHHO leadership in place by the end of May. We ask all residents to refrain from donating any money to FHHO until that vote happens. Everyone is entitled to vote.  No Vote = No Donation.


Mark your calendar now for the Town Hall Meeting, Wednesday, April 19, 7-9 p.m. at Forest Hill Church Presbyterian.

How We’re Fixing the Problem and the Progress We’ve Made

Like many neighborhoods across the country, the growing number of foreclosed and vacant homes in Forest Hill is causing the property values of all homes in the area to plummet. The Campaign for Forest Hill is a new initiative to solve the problem. Using the power of our covenants and a professional approach to enforce housing standards, we will aggressively go after the banks and absentee owners to increase the value of the properties and return Forest Hill to its original status as a premiere inner-ring neighborhood in Greater Cleveland. Our proximity to University Circle offers unprecedented opportunities to brand Forest Hill as the “jewel in the crown” of Cleveland Heights.


Over the past five months, the Campaign for Forest Hill has contacted the homeowners or property managers of these distraught properties to help clean them up to Forest Hill standards or into the hands of new, responsible homeowners. You can read the latest news and see the transformation of these different homes by clicking the See Our Progress tab below.

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See Our Progress


This year, the Campaign for Forest Hill will:

  • Clean up over 50 vacant and neglected homes
  • Clean up Forest Hill Park
  • Lobby to fix the potholes in the roads
  • Create banners and signage that brand Forest Hill as a premiere “comeback” community
  • Implement robust marketing on social media (Facebook and Website) and PR campaign (New York Times and Wall Street Journal)